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After a glimpse of summer, hope you’re making the best of this rainy weekend. This month we’ve published our response guide to the Dulwich and Champion Hill review. There’s an exciting Better Streets Talk next week all about LTN data and we have a new cycle ride we’d like to tell you about, so read on.

Dulwich and Champion Hill Review

This month, three schemes in the Dulwich area are being consulted on as part of a big review. At Southwark Cyclists, we think there is a lot to love about the schemes, with some of the measures leading to amazing increases in walking and cycling. But for the schemes to be considered really successful in achieving the council’s worthy aims, certain tweaks are needed, and more measures need to be introduced. Read more about our thoughts on the schemes.

We’ve also produced a response guide for those who live and travel through the area. Please respond to the consultation today! The consultation closes 11 July.

What does the research on LTNs show?

This month’s Better Streets Talk will be with Dr. Anthony Laverty, public health scientist at Imperial College London and co-author of the recent reports on the impacts of LTNs on crime, fire service response times and injuries.

This talk will look at the scientific evaluation behind low traffic neighbourhoods.

As always there’ll be an opportunity to ask questions too, so if you’ve got any burning questions about the impact of LTNs, this is an opportunity to ask them!

The talk is next Wednesday 23 June at 7:30pm. Register here.

A new Cycle Ride is Southwark

As we approach summer, we’ve got a new type of cycle ride we’re starting in partnership with Better Streets for Southwark. These Better Streets Rides will take a look at active travel infrastructure in Southwark to look at the great work that’s been done, take note of what needs to be improved, and look at areas that really need improved streets. We don’t have any dates set yet, but if you’re interested in joining please contact us at

We’re also running our weekly Healthy Rides. These easy paced rides will take you around Southwark and beyond. Each ride is currently limited to 13 riders to ensure they’re Covid-safe. You can find upcoming Healthy and Better Streets rides on our Eventbrite page.

Thanks for reading and happy cycling,