A bonanza exploration of 35+ parks and green spaces – some famous, some hidden away. All within a 3km radius of the start in Burgess Park. Two windmills, Van Gogh, a submarine, a zoo (now defunct), and a near-miss prison visit as a bonus! Suggested coffee stop at the Pear Tree Cafe on Clapham Common (toilets). Easy riding on quiet roads and cycle routes, and through some parks.

About 25km, 100m elevation, allow 3 hours if you are stopping to look at things/take photos etc.

Start Burgess Park Cafe. Ride clockwise.

Use this GPX file to get accurate routing:

For reference, the ride visits the following parks/spaces:

  1. Burgess Park
  2. Surrey Canal Walk
  3. Jowett St Park
  4. Sumner Road Park
  5. Bellenden Road Nature Garden (locked)
  6. William Griggs’s Garden
  7. Warwick Gardens (of www.insectinside.me fame)
  8. Holly Grove Shrubbery
  9. Peckham Rye Common
  10. Dulwich Park
  11. Small enclosed area by Lover’s Walk in Dulwich (locked)
  12. Belair Park
  13. Dulwich Estate Village Orchard
  14. Brockwell Park
  15. Rush Common
  16. Brixton Windmill Gardens
  17. Clapham Common (with The Windmill pub)
  18. Eden Nature Garden (St Paul’s Churchyard)
  19. Larkhall Park
  20. Oasis Nature Garden (locked) (Stockwell bus garage – Europe’s largest unsupported roof span when constructed in 1952, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockwell_Garage)
  21. Lansdowne Gardens (small detour from gpx)
  22. Albert Square (locked)
  23. Van Gogh Walk
  24. Durand Gardens (locked)
  25. Slade Gardens
  26. Max Roach Park (north) (Dan Leno blue plaque)
    (Camberwell Submarine, https://www.layersoflondon.org/map/records/camberwell-submarine)
  27. Eythorne Park
  28. Dan Leno Gardens
  29. Kennington Park (with Henry Moore artwork https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandon_Estate)
  30. Doddington Grove Garden
  31. Walworth Garden
  32. Pasley Park (and Royal Surrey Gardens, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Surrey_Gardens)
  33. Pelier Park
  34. Fielding St Allotments (locked)
  35. St Peter’s Gardens and Faraday Gardens, via Liverpool Grove
  36. Nursery Row Park
  37. Surrey Square Park (small detour from gpx)

Sadly, not all are open to the public. (And some are small!)

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