1. Canada Water, Sydenham, Canada Water, Train Assisted
  2. Dulwich to Chiswick House

Canada Water, Sydenham, Canada Water, Train Assisted

Just 2 of us at Canada Water to take the Overground. Five waiting at Sydenham station, so a group of 7 headad down the hill to join the Waterlink Way (NR21) at Bell Green. Mild day, bit of breeze in places, no sunshine. Good cycling conditions meant steady progress past the kingfisher mural near Catford. Next Ladywell Fields, over the railway on the bridge with the circular ramps and on to roads through Lewisham. Then off-road again past Elverson Road DLR station and in to Brookmill Park. Proceeded across Creek Rd and down to the Thames next to the Swing Bridge, the end of NR21 (going south it runs all the way to Eastbourne). Finished by riding long Cycleway 4 to Baley St where we made a detour around Greenland Dock to avoid the one way system. Note we may not have to make this detour soon as the missing bit of Cycleway 4 is planned to open soon. Back at Canada Water about 12.15. Bruce led and Jane did the back marking. Route at https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1QB3eIV3nAuW2ecULBjV1la4oOPjspEZw&usp=sharing

Dulwich to Chiswick House

Ambitious ride for a Saturday morning – 21 miles, some of it towpath with slow going. John S. devised this oute and we had done it before. And John succesfully led it again. 24 riders – too many for this tyoe of ride, several just turning up without registering. As Co-ordinator will have to do some reminding about the good reasons for requiring registration. Here is John’s report:

“We set off in our group of 24 on a grey morning from Dulwich Park café, hoping for later sunshine which never arrived … though it stayed dry, and not too cold, so we sailed intrepidly onwards. First Brockwell Park, then Clapham Common, and then directly to Wandsworth Bridge via Maysoule Road. Once on the river, we followed the Thames path past Putney to Hammersmith Bridge, across which we dutifully walked in single file. From there we followed the riverside path as far as St Nicholas Churchyard and proceeded through Powell’s Walk to reach Chiswick House and Gardens. And then we stopped. Sighs of satisfaction followed, as we settled down to our well-earned teas and coffees. But all too soon we were up and off, following the same path back to reach Dulwich Park café at exactly 2.02pm. Success!

A big Thank You to Michael and Tony, our Backriders, and to Marshals Eduardo, Jamie and Jean, for keeping us safe!

I’ve deliberately omitted all the glitches…the vigorous pumping of tires, the patient waiting for those who decided to take the scenic way round, the group photographs which could never quite get everyone in. Small matters in the grand scheme of things. We had a good day out! “

Route track (from Eduardo)

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