Six Bridges

Good turnout of 28 riders at Deal Porter Square on a cold January morning. With a large group needed not just a back marker, but also 2 people who often lead rides to assist as marshals. Off, with Bruce leading, about 10.05 to bridge one, Tower Bridge. Quite busy so stopped on left at north end and waited for the red phase to all get into lane 3 of the advanced stop line. This allowed a safe straight on to join cycleway 3. Past the Tower and across bridge 2, Southwark Bridge. Right turn off the bridge (Sumner St) and past Tate Modern. Straight over Southwark St, then C14 back streets to BLackfriars Rd. This short detour avoids the right turn on to Southwark St and another on to Blackfriars Bridge approach. Recrossed Southwark Bridge on Cycleway 6 and turned on to Upper Ground – Blackfriars Bridge crossing was for later. Past National theatre for first time then up the ramp to Waterloo Bridge. Over Bridge number 3 then the left-left manoeuvre down Savoy St to the embankment (Cycleway 3 again). Big ben came nto view, then left on to bridge 4, Westminster Bridge. Even at this low point in the tourist season people were all over the cycle lane. However, the latest Palestine march was about to start so a lot of traffic was avoiding the Westminster area and the roadway was quiet.

Started the return with a left off the bridge along Belvedere Rd and under Waterloo Bridge to our coffee stop at the National Theatre. Plenty room for riders to get hot drinks and warm up – in fact quite difficult to exract some of them for the est of the return leg of the ride! Continued on Upper Ground to Blackfriars Bridge. Over this (number 5) and then another letf-left on to the embankment and Cycleway 3 for the 3rd time. Through the underpass and the long tunnel (Castle Baynard St) where a small tent encampment has appeared, complete in one case with a chair next to the tent. On to the final bridge, London Bridge, by yet another left-left past the Monument. So many people with banners and flags crossing northwards on the bridge that we wondered if the Palestine march had begun!. Must have been some busy trains into London Bridge station. If you thnk about all the people also arriving at London’s other man lne stations you get some idea of the size of these weekly marches. At London Bridge some riders peeled off to head home while the rest took the direct route, mostly Cycleway 4, back to Canada Water. Reached there just a few minutes behind schedule at 12.35.

Everyone had been well dressed for the cold conditions (about 4 degrees). Being dry and with lttle breeze helped. The secret is lots of layers (see for more info). Big thank you to Simon for back marking and Jean and Jamie for marshalling. Route at

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