• London Bridge Loop
  • Wandsworth Park

London Bridge Loop

9 riders, with Simon S. leading, enjoyed this easy ride from Peckham Square to the Thames and back. Outward down the Canal Path and a look at the Skip House on Mandela Way. Reached Thames at Tower Bridge (photo) then over London Bridge and back over Blackfriars bridge and south along Cyceway 6 ending at the Illife Yards Conservation Area with its craft workshops. Continued to Camberwell and newish Eythorne Park including the tangerine tree followed by Myatts Fields where a coffee break was taken. Finally through to Peckham Road, a gimpse of Del Boy’s Reliant Robin and back to Peclham Square. Thanks to Mike for back-marking.

Route on Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1bwtJBZIypO6HXpAGPUrD9QqKhm2xlOw&usp=sharing

Wandsworth Park from Burgess Park

14 riders gathered in Burgess Park on a pretty nice day for this ride to Wandsworth and Putney with Bruce leading. Chose to use an inland route to Battersea Power Station avoiding the slow crossngs at Vauxhall Bridge. On revised route we rode across Stockwell past the Tradescant Memorial to Nine Elms. Continued past the new tube station then under the Sky Pool (several swimmers, see photo) and past the shiny American Embassy to Battersea Power Station. The waterfornt there was transformed into an American Football jamboree to coincide with the scheduled games at the Spurs Stadium. Not time to queue up to kick a field goal, instead on across Battersea Park to the Thames path. Really nice stretch of path here. Lots to see, the sublime (St Mary’s Church with its thameside location), the ridiculous (the heliport?) and the (very) functional (the Waste Trasfer Depot). Having succesfuly dodged the bin lorries, arrived in good time at Wandsworth Park. Several riders opted for a coffee stop while most of us nipped along to Putney Bridge. Usual traffic madness at the south side junction. Managed to cross to find the new “piazza” that was being built on the river was open, if not quite finished. This will be a fine viewpoint for the boat race start.

Return went inland taking the Wandle Trail route through the busy shopping street (Garatt Lane), then King Georges Park, full of walkers in the sunshine. We turned off after the park to Earlsfield where a textbook 2-stage right turn was executed at the busy intersection with Garatt Lane. Next past Wandsworth Prison and across the 2 commons, Wandsworth and Clapham. Had a pause at Clapham Common as one rider felt unwell. Fortunatley 2 riders volunteered to stay with the unwell rider and the rest of the group could continue. After a rest and some paracetamol the rider was well enough to be guided to Clapham Junction where they boarded a train home. Chasing up after we finished, the rider had fully recovered. They were also keen to go on the e-mail list for future rides.

Main group rode on, safely negotiating the tricky right turn at CLapham North and cruising through Myatts Fields. Various people peeled of to head home with just a handful finishing, pretty much on time, at Burgess Park. Many thanks to John for doing most of the back marking. Route at https://goo.gl/94U3Ve.

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