• Peckham to Cutty Sark
  • Quaggy River Ride

Both Oct 28th rides began in Peckham Square at 10am. Meant a good gathering of healthy riders with a chance to welcome new riders and to catch up with others. Eleven riders on each ride who we separated into 2 groups for the pre-ride briefing before setting off.

Peckham to Cutty Sark

Notes from ride leader Jamie.

We set off late due to my desire to give a more in-depth safety brief than usual as there were points that I wanted to inform riders about so that they understand how a ride is led and about responsibilities of those who support the Ride Leader. I persuaded Peter to be my Marshal (he had done our Ride Leaders Course earlier this year). Simon acted as Backstop. Thanks to both for performing these roles. Cycled at good pace via Southwark Park to Canada Water and then along the river and into Greenwich. With pleasant weather we hit Greenwich and enjoyed a 30-minute coffee break overlooking the Thames. The route back to Peckham was via Deptford and quite a bit faster than the route out. To my surprise, we got back to Peckham 30 mins earlier than expected which must be a first for my rides !

Quaggy River Ride

Headed off on a northerly loop to reach the Ravensbourne river in Brookmill Park. The Quaggy is a tributary of the Ravensbourne so next part of the ride followed the river upstream to where the Quaggy joined it near Lewisham Station. Rode through the Silkworks Estate and across the nice new path where the Tesco car park used to be. Made our way round to the little park created at the confluence of the Quaggy and Ravensbourne, pausing for a group photo on the viewing platform. Quite hard to find this as new hoardings for the next stage of building have narrowed access.

Following the Quaggy is tricky as much is hidden on culverts. At the top end Manor Park thee is access the bank. Rode a bit further to Manor Park Gardens where the Quaggy is hidden by a hedge but visible from a bridge. The Quaggy continues to Sundridge Golf Course but Manor Park Gardens is a s far as we could go on a 2.5 hour round trip. Maybe next year do a longer ride at least as far as Sutcliffe Park in Kidbrooke.

Brief coffee/loo stop in Manor Park Gardens then return by a more southerly route over the hills. Reached the Ravensbourne near Lewisham (Glassmills) Leisure Centre. From there uphill to the edge of Hilly Filds and on down to Brockley Station. Used the foorbridge then uphill again on an easier gradient to Nunhead and the nice downhill run back to PAeckham. Made better time than I expected (almost no walking on the steeper stretches – are we getting more fit?) and back about 12.20. Thanks to David and Jean for back marking. Route is on Google Maps at https://goo.gl/svHy65

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