Weather forecast for the morning of Jan 7th was double raindrops and significant wind. There were an unusually large number of cancellations on the 6th probably due to the forecast. As you will read, although there was a bit of rain early on, the weather cleared and conditions were, due to the mild temperatures, if anything a bit better than average for early January.  You would think we had learnt by now to treat forecasts with a suitable level of scepticism!

  1. Dulwich to Beckenham Place Park
  2. SE London Sights – Burgess Park to Cutty Sark Loop

Dulwich to Beckenham Place Park

Coffee break, Beckenham Place Park

Report from Ride Leader Jean.

In spite of a rainy start to the day, 10 riders set off from Dulwich Park cafe at 10 am. Seems like people were just keen to get some fresh air and exercise to start the New Year. We cycled down to Peckham Rye and past the Ivy House pub ( claim to fame – London’s first community – owned pub and used as a set for many films including the 2015 Kray Brothers biopic Legend). The drizzle began to ease off as we cycled by Honor Oak cemetery and across to Ladywell fields. The pathway by the Ravensbourne  and Pool Rivers – known as the Waterlink way – offers a few miles of quiet off road cycling. Just as we reached Cator park near New Beckenham, one rider had a flat tyre. We did try to repair with an aerosol fix-it kit – but it didn’t hold. Luckily we were only about a mile from Beckenham and so our stalwart back-marker John accompanied the cyclist to the nearest bike shop where they were welcomed cheerfully. The rest of us made our way to the cafe in Beckenham Place Park – had time for a coffee and then made our way back to Dulwich via Catford. Weather had improved and we were glad we’d made the effort to turn out. 

John followed on and found us at the Dulwich Park cafe not long after we arrived back (about 12.30). The other John with the puncture telephoned shortly after to say he’d got safely back home. So all ended well – (though it would have been very much easier had there not been a train strike.)

Round trip was about 14 miles. Approx. route map at

SE London Sights – Burgess Park to Cutty Sark Loop

10am start at Burgess Park Café for this easy-paced, pretty flat ride taking in some iconic sights of SE London: the Cutty Sark, the Thames Path, Greenland Dock and Stave Hill – not to mention Millwall FC’s stadium (twice!). Nearly all on quiet cycleways.

Here are the notes from Ride Leader Simon S.

“I nearly aborted the ride today because at 10am only David had turned up. And it was raining. Then Nigel, Katie and Cath arrived (plus Martin the little dog) and were keen, so we set off. Katie was short of time, so we skipped coffee at The Cutty Sark (nobody keen on Starbucks) and continued. David (who lives in Greenwich) of course left here, rather than doing the whole ride twice. Weather improved, no rain after the first 45 mins. Got back early, before the 12.30 planned time. People enjoyed it. Glad we persevered.”

NB. Important milestone here for the Healthy Rides, our first canine rider! Martin (owner Katie) is clearly used to travel by bike and sat quietly in his basket while being cycled along.

12 miles. Route map:

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