Weather forecast for morning of Jan 14h was steady rain and quite high winds. Although both rides were fully booked this clearly affected attendance. Several registered riders withdrew late on the 13th. On the day there was some light rain early on and the very occasional heavy shower (only one ride was caught in one of these). Actually quite reasonable weather for cycling, especially as it was relatively mild. Lesson from this is to always take forecasts with a pinch of salt and be prepared to make your own judgement on the day.

  1. Henry Moore repeat
  2. Six Bridges

Ride 1. Henry Moore Sculptures Ride, 2nd edition

Ride started on Lambeth Palace Rd near Archbishops Park and did a 14 mile route passing 8 statues and ending up at Kennington Park. Route at

Notes from ride leader Jane. 

  • 7 riders turned up.
  • The weather overall was not as bad as expected with only one cloudburst, which coincided with the coffee stop
  • The (usually locked) gate at the Atterbury Street stop was open, allowing a close inspection of Reclining Figure; previously we’ve had to squint through the railings
  • After seeing the Travertine Arch at Long Water, Kensington Gardens, 3 west Londoners ended the ride at the Hyde Park sports café in view of the heavy rain and proximity to their homes.
  • The ‘survivors’ opted to omit the Battersea Park leg of the ride (3 Standing figures in the Sub-tropical Garden) and we headed back to Camberwell via Lambeth Bridge and the treasure of the Reclining Figure on the Brandon Estate
  • Thanks to Tony for being Back-marker until rain stopped play; Mahvash took some photos

Happy to do it again when the weather is better.

Ride 2. Six Bridges

A new route devised by Bruce that crossed the 6 most downstream Thames bridges in in alternating pattern. 5 riders plus Bruce headed off from Canada Water in very light rain and buzzed along Cyclway 4 to Tower Bridge. On the far side pulled up beside a cyclists on a Dutch-style bike with 2 young children in the fromt carrier. Heading to the Science Museum. He sped off under, I presume, siginificant eletrical power. Alternating bridges we crossed Southwrk next. The cycle lanes were open. They have been closed a lot recently. Next Waterloo bridge with it’s lovely wide cycle lane. Fingers crossed we can keep this. Turned down to the embankment cycleway via Savoy St. Spotted a small green space on the right with the Royal Standard flying. It is a small Royal Chapel tucked away next to the Savoy Hotel that was built in 1515 for Henry V11. Next over Westminster Bridge with the usual tourists in the cycle lane, although not in peak numbers. Return was along Upper Ground to Blackfriars Bridge then on to Cyclway 3. Followed this to The Monument and took the short climb to London Bridge and there you are – 6 bridges crossed. In good time so followed the scenic, C14, route back to Canada Water. Couple of riders left during the return and the 4 of us remaining retired for a coffee to the Lodge Cafe on he first foor of Decathlon. On a Saturday the cafes around Canada Water get busy, but the Decathlon cafe is tucked away upstairs so usually has space.

Route at

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