1. Parks and Ride in reverse
  2. Peckham to Blackheath Loop

On Feb 4th both rides started from Peckham Square at 10am. This allowed people to meet up even if they were riding separately. It is something that we should try to do whenever we can.  And the weather was kind, cold but a bit of sun and little wind.

Parks and Ride in reverse

Brixton Mill

Simon S, had done this route 2 weeks previously in an clockwise direction. Decided it would be interesting to repeat it in the opposite, anticlockwise direction. Here is his short report.

“About a dozen riders set off from Peckham Library towards Burgess Park. Dodging the remnants of the Park Run, we continued to Pasley Park, home of the Royal Surrey Zoological Park in the 1850s. Then past Kennington Park, past the Camberwell Submarine and through several small Victorian squares (and van Gogh Walk) to Clapham Common and Brixton Windmill (avoiding the Prison). A welcome coffee stop in Brockwell Park and on to Dulwich Park and Peckham Rye.

We managed to lose Jamie on the return through Rye Lane … it was hard work, we’d been trying from the start!

About 33 parks, green spaces and squares… must be a record in 14 miles [and 3 hours].

A fun ride, that was enjoyed by all.”

GPX file, link below

Image of route for Parks and Ride

Peckham to Blackheath Loop

Eleven riders aet off up to Nunhead on this short ride.  First stop was Telegraph Hill. Views back to central London and Canary Wharf were excellent. Visibility was good and the trees are of course not in leaf yet.  Then up and down across to Brookmill Park. A substantial number of large willow trees have been felled and areas of the land next to the river Ravensbourne cleared. Going to be interesting to see how this space will evolve.  Continued over DLR using the zig zag bridge at Elverson Rd Station. Route through the Silk Works estate to Lewisham Station is now blocked by the construction of yet another set of tall buildings. There is an easy diversion via Connington Rd and down the side of the Tesco petrol station. Had a look at the confluence of the Quaggy and Ravensbourne. As small open space has been created at this point. But it is massively overshadowed by tower blocks on 3 sides. Given the size of the Lewisham Town Centre redevelopment an opportunity has been missed to create a decent small park.

From Lewisham up the hill to Blackheath. Definitely not overshadowed by tall buildings! Across to Greenwich Park and a brief stop at General Wolfe before the nice downhill to Greenwich Central. Return from here via Cycleway 10, Bridgehouse Meadows (former New Cross greyhound and speedway stadium), and back streets to Peckham Square.

Back pretty much on time after a 2 hour ride. There is a surprising amount to see on this, at first sight, rather ordinary route.  10.5 miles.  Bruce leading. Route at https://goo.gl/itW2R4

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