• London Bridge to Trinity Buoy Wharf and the Royal Docks
  • Burgess Park to Battersea Power Station

London Bridge to Trinity Buoy Wharf and the Royal Docks

About 21 riders at the Southwark Needle for a planned 15 mile curcuit north of the river led by Amanda. First stop Canary Wharf where the steam-powered jacuzzis cruising the waterways were much admired. Next Trinity Buoy Wharf full as usual with strange art works. The image file bow shows the route from Amanda’s recce. We subtitled this ride “The New, he Old and the Derelict”, note the eferences in Amanda’s ride leader’s report (next).

21 of us met at the Needle on London Bridge, then walked to the centre of the bridge to have our safety/route talk as there was major construction noise at our starting point. Second detour on this ride was that Tower Bridge was closed so had to avoid that also. We did a loop when over London Bridge, took the first left and picked up the cycleway on Lower Thames St.  Crossed at the top and walked in front of the Tower of London. Both bridges up at St Katherines Dock held us up a little as all but two were across.  Along the fantastic hidden canal passing Tobacco Dock, where the children on the ride counted the Brown Carp they saw in the water (5 in all)  We continued eastbound via Narrow St to Westerry DLR   Turned under the bridge onto Hertsmere Road and ramped up to Canary Wharf and rode along the lower concourse. (New). Some were amazed at the juacuzzi-dingy (and that people were undressed in it!) in the dock water we were riding alongside.

Out onto A1206, a cute left along the docked home boats – here my Grandson did one of many head counts to check no-one missed the turning into it. Trafalgar way underpass, through section of London Wall (Old) and East India Dock Basin into Trinity Buoy Wharf   (coffee/breakfast stop).

Over Flyover Royal Docks – right dock side towards MIllenium ‘Spillers” and chimney (Derelict). Over to new Thames Path section to Thames Barrier North Gardens & Maze.  For fun we divided into two groups to criss-cross the maze. Crossed Connaught Bridge, a plane overhead – great, then stayed to watch the next – at Grandson’s request.   As he was so helpful, it seemed no-one minded the extra rest.  This was in fact quite a lot longer ride than previously done. We then went over the Bridge of Royal Albert Way and made our way through the woods, a short very quiet section of A112, left into Varley /Russell/Ford Park Roads to Canning Town Bus Depot, crossing Bow Creek, via the Blue Bridge. This was done to avoid the Canning Town Flyover/Silverton Way as we had newer riders with us. Dull but safe. Back through London Wall. Narrow St. and King Edwards Park. From Elephant gates, we turned right into Vaughan Way over lights to Dock Street.  Royal Mint. Tower Hill. Great Tower St., left onto London Bridge. 

Enjoyable ride in decent weather with, thenfully, no incidents and everyone back safely.

Thank you to Nicholas for Back-Marking.  Thanks to Jamie for Marshalling and Remell for people checking and counting – even advising many to zigzag over cobbles  – an excellent job done by all three.

Burgess Park to Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station has been open for nearly a year so time for a visit to see how this amazing development was progressing. Nine riders at Burgess Park for the 10am start with Bruce leading, Good time on the outward leg via Addington Squ to the Tradescant Memorial on Bolney St. Jane gave a short account of the remarkable John Tradescants (Elder and Younger), 17th Century gardeners who survived turbulent times to introduce many new plants to the UK. On past the new 9 Elms station then a stop at the Sky Pool. Remarkable – but alas again no-one swimming (although they have been seen on previous rides). Continued alongside the shiny  American Embassy and through to the Power Station.  Riders headed off to explore and/or get a coffee. A group of us found the Contorl Panel inside the Power Station itself. Reminded one of the film Metropolis (1927) with the art deco features of the building probably adding to the parallel. Set off back on new cycle path along Thessaly Rd, then Larkhall Park. At this point Jane, still in botanical mode, announced she was going to divert to Geraldine Mary Harmsowrth Park to see a unique plant that was flowering, something it only did once in its lifetime. Most riders wished to join her and the other 2 needed to get home, so we diverted and, yes, the plant was amazing. A 7m tall Agave with massive inflorescences absolutely covered in bees. Quite a sight. From GMH Park a short run back to Burgess Park, arriving just a few minutes after 12.30. Relaxing and educational 9 mile ride – most enjoyable. Google map of route: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1focj7gj7Pa4NiRUgKKeKc4M7X0qWvJM&usp=sharing

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