1. Canada Water – Greenwich Thames Loop
  2. Peckham to Yurt Cafe, Limehouse

Canada Water – Greenwich Thames Loop

Report from Ride Leader Simon K.

Eight of us set out from Canada Water on a mild, but slightly damp morning to Greenwich.. We were held up as the bridge over Deptford Creek was open to allow a dredger through. At Greenwich Station, despite being about 15 minutes late, we picked up David M. He confirmed that no other riders had turned up. The DLR was crowded, perhaps the back end of 1/2 term, as indeed is Central London.

At times, the wind from the South West  was gusty along the river. We had to make two diversions from the Thames path due to engineering works. Rather tedious, but one has to take a long term view. A number of children’s activities were taking place on the water in Shadwell Basin. At the Hermitage Memorial Garden, overlooked by Tower Bridge, a vote was taken as to which bridge to cross for the return journey. A few chose a rather windy Tower Bridge, the remainder of us opted for the easier London Bridge.

A long coffee stop at Bartons in Dockhead. Took the scenic route back to CW , passing the fire station used in the tv series London’s Burning. Arrived back at CW a few minutes before 1.00, enjoyed by all. Many thanks to backmarker David S who had threatened to leave us at Greenwich, but on reflection the chance of a trip on the DLR changed his mind.

Peckham to Yurt Café, Limehouse

Approx 10 riders, Amanda leading.Out via London Bridge, back through Greenwich. Usual coffee stop at the Yurts. 11 miles. Approx route map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1YputxtQpk_g_BVhieMCuf9HAtWs&usp=sharing

Here is Amanda’s report:

Outward. Peckham Library.  Weather was cold. Started along the old canal path, then turned right into Glengall Rd and crossed Old Kent Road. Next a quiet route via Bermondsey St to London Bridge and then turned right on Tooley St and went over Tower Bridge.  Keeping left round the Tower of London walking along the riverside into St Katherine’s Dock. Along the cobbles for a short section to enter through the Elephant Gates to Hermitage Basin.  A zig-zag down to the Secret Canal. Passing Tobacco Dock and through Wapping Woods to Shadwell Basin.  Picked up CS3 cycle route on Cable St to reach the rear entrance to the community Yurt Café for a 30 minute refreshment stop.

Really lovely to see Juliet had come up here to meet us here. As she cannot ride with us at present, knowing where the coffee stop was to be gave her the opportunity to join us for a bit.  Look forward to seeing her again.

Return.  CS3 over Rotherhithe Tunnel into Limehouse Basin and bridge to Ropemakers Field. The Thames Path along the return was closed at a pivotal section, so I planned the detour around the lower level of canary wharf.  This worked well and we exited over the South Quay footbridge and rode on to Millwall Docks and Mudchute. DLR taken here to Greenwich, as the foot tunnel lifts are so unreliable. At Greenwich C10 over Deptford Creek at Halfpenny Bridge to Folkstone Gardens heading to the Den (Millwall Stadium). Second detour here as there was a match on (I thought kick-off was at 3).  We heard the roar of the crowd with a goal scored so realised must divert as the gates on C10 are closed on the upper stretch past the ground. We went along Ilderton & Zampa Roads and picked it up C10 again. Followed this a short way, then took what is now designated C85 via Coopers and Glengall Roads back to Peckham.

All back safe, 10 minutes later than advertised.

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