Canada Water to St James Park

Report from Simon K. who was Ride Leader.

Despite a heavy shower an hour before we were due to meet more riders turned up than had booked. A bakers dozen left Decathlon, by the library, and collected three more at London Bridge. Across the bridge and into Cannon Street where it was gently pointed out my pace was too fast. Onto the Embankment cycle path where Sue took over leading for a spell at a pleasant gentle pace. Into Parliament Square and onwards to the Palace. Huge crowds of tourists. Your ride leader gave a potted history of the Palace, Clarence House, St James’s Palace and Admirality Arch. With so many tourists the cycle lane across Westminster Bridge is a bit of a ‘mare. Mike cleared the route honking away, although your leader did brush a tourist who stepped off the pavement into his path. Near Southwark tube station a woman had fallen over and was in need of medical assistance. Sue with her knowledge bravely stopped to help, assisted by Jamie. Neither were to be seen again. We carried on to Bartons in Dockhead where a coffee stop took place, then onto Decathlon, arriving about 12.30. A very pleasant ride in nice cycling weather temperature.

Note from Bruce re incident we encountered.

Towrds the end of The Cut we passed a small group of pedestrians clustered around a person on he ground just off the pavement. I suggested to Sue that maybe she should see if we (she in practice) could help. The casualty was unable to get up and had clearly hurt herself in a fall. Sue took charge very calmly and professionally (she is a nurse). Talked to the lady and made her comfortable. An ambulance had already been called. Sue, and also Jamie, stayed behind whle the rest of us completed the ride. An ambulance arrived in 40 min and Sue handed over to them. She and Jamie retired for a coffee and cake. At this time have no information on how this lady is. Hopefully she was taken to nearby St Thomas’ Hospital’s excellent A&E and is on her way to recovery.

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