Canada Water to North Greenwich/O2 in reverse

8 riders at Canada Water on a cold, dry, partly sunny morning. Headed east to Cutty Sark using Cycleway 4 from its restart just after the Surrey Quays gyratory. Made good time and collected another 3 riders at Cutty Sark Unfortunately one young rider had become very cold and left at Greenwich with parent. Very difficult sometimes to get clothing just right.

In fact the temperature was rising all the time and by the finish was well above forecast at around 10 degrees. We picked up the segregated cycle lanes of C4 where they restart towards the east end of Trafalgar Rd. Continued to Charlton. We were in good time at this point so after some discussion decided to extend the ride to the Woolwich Ferry approach so that we could have a look at the recently re-opened section of Thames path there. The segregation ran out shortly after the Charlton shops but we continued on the A202, taking care at the fast roundabouts. At Woolwich turned and cycled along the short reopened section of Thames path. Mostly as before, but one rather nice short bit with smooth paving and a wider bridge. Continued along the Thames path to the O2. This was busy due in part to a Country and Western Band playing out in the open space next to the O2. Eventually those who needed it found coffee/toilets. Had a good break then continued along the Thames path to Greenwich. Rejoined CS4 and cycled to Deptford at which point the ride leader (me) remembered that the plan had been to keep to the Thames path for the return leg! We promptly turned left and caught up with the Thames path (NR4) at Pepys Park. From there a lovely sunny ride especially down the west side of Greenland Dock. Back at Canada Water about 12.45 all safe and sound. Thanks to Jamie for back marking.

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