1. Peckham to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens
  2. Dulwich to Beckenham Place Park

Ride 1. Peckham to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

15 riders led by Bruce, and with David back-marking, set off at 10am from Peckham Square down the Canal Path and across Burgess Park. Quiet streets and paths to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens via Kennington Park and the Beefeater Gin Distillery. Stopped briefly to admire the alpacas (?llamas) at Vauxhall City Farm. Disoriented by the marquees and flags for the Briidges Charity Run, but eventually found to exit to Vauxhall Bridge where we adnired the view. Returned to the Pleasure Gardens for a coffee break at the Tea House Theatre.  Several riders boycotted the Tea House as it did not sell coffee! Two others were more in the spirit of it and enjoyed scones and cream with their teas. Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens had their heyday in the Regency period. Concerts were held there, including the first performance of Handel’s Water Music.  It is now a handy smallish park with plenty to see. Also some petanque being played on a proper gravelly area. Nicolas was impressed.

Return route led soon to Lambeth Walk. One or 2 brave individuals burst into song and gave a loud “Hoi” at appropriate point. I always thought the song Lambeth Walk was an ancient cockney ditty but actually it comes from a 1937 musical Me and My Girl (watch this if you don’t know the song, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fgKn3SbCYQ). Next across to Geraldine Mary Handsworth Park and past the BIG guns at the Imperial War Museum. On to the Elephant and Castle bypass which was blocked at Steedman St so we squeezed down Hampton St and crossed Walworth Rd (thanks to Philippa for a bit of marshalling) to have quick look at Elephant Park, the new small park created as part of the E&C redevelopment. Striking metal “woven” elephants and an maginative, watery, playground. Final stretch was Cycleway 17 to Burgess Park then reverse of outward route to Peckham.  Route at https://bit.ly/3KToaIz. Back just a few minutes before 12.30 after an enjoyable ride.

More photos from Philippa on Facebook Group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/553896211918871/permalink/1123090611666092/

Ride 2. Dulwich to Beckenham Place Park

Group at Beckenham Place Park

Brief report from Ride Leader Jean. All well today. We had 10 riders setting off. Weather stayed lovely in spite of threatening clouds all morning. No evidence of the music festival at the park – apart from car park attendants directing parking. No queue for cafe – unlike last time. We got there & back in good time -arriving back at 12.30 prompt. 

Route map at https://bit.ly/2SOiQMs.

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