1. Greenwich to the Olympic Park Loop
  2. The World Reimagined – Globe Trail

Greenwich to the Olympic Park Loop

Report from Ride Leader Eva:

18 riders met at Cutty Sark Gardens, amongst them several cyclists who joined us for the first time. Lifts were running, and so we set off from Island Gardens across the office buildings jungle of the Docklands’ area. The ride along Regent’s Canal was so nice that a small group of cyclists carried on along it instead of taking the turn off to Victoria Park.  Thankfully they did pick up the phone messages and could be persuaded to turn back and join the group again. The ride through Victoria Park was slightly compromised by the half-marathon taking place there. At Hackney Wick we had a look at some imaginative street art, and in the Olympic Park we could spot some of the new East Bank developments from afar. 

The planned coffee break at Here East was more complicated than expected as the available eateries were all very busy. A long pleasant ride in the warming sunshine along the Greenway and then through the autumnal parks in Beckton ended at a road blockage before the Excel Centre. The group split up at the Emirates Cable Car, with 2 riders sticking it out in the cable car queue, others taking their own route home, while a core group of riders led by our thankfully recovered Jamie enjoyed the ride back to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel on the North side of the River. Once we had come up again through the foot tunnel we were greeted on the South side by Paola who had taken the cable car crossing and had been waiting for us there for while! Many thanks to Jean who took on the back marking for the whole 4 hours. 

The World Reimagined – Globes Trail

12 riders went in search of Globes with Philippa leading. The Globes are part of “The World Reimagined” an artistic and educational project to bring greater understanding of the UK’s imperial history, and in particular of how slavery played a significant role. In addition the riders supped at “The Wild Table of Love” in Paternoster Square, an interactive sculpture.

Report from Philippa:

On a lovely sunny day we enjoyed a ride around viewing 11 globes starting from Peckham Library heading up to Waterloo for our first globe.  The route was a mix from the Lambeth and Southwark and the City trails. We also enjoyed a drop in at the wonderful Wild Table of Love by Gillie and Marc by St Paul’s Cathedral. Made our way back via London Bridge, Borough Yards and Bermondsey. We enjoyed a walk through and refreshment break at the marvellous Maltby Street food Market (very busy) before our return to Peckham and the final globe. A good time enjoyed by all on a lovely sunny day that was ideal for our globe trotting adventures!

More info and pictures at https://www.facebook.com/groups/553896211918871/permalink/1143185912989895/

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