1. Bauhaus Ride
  2. Dulwich to South Norwood Country Park

Bauhaus Ride – Southwark Cyclists conquer North London!

14 cyclists assembled at London Bridge to ride to the Isokon Gallery in Belsize Park.  With Eva as ride leader (and author of this report), rode across to join Cycleway 6 at Snow Hill. Delayed by lights on to Farringdon Road that never gave a green for the cycle crossing. From then on it was more or less straight up north on Cycleway 6. It became obvious that on this route the traffic light settings were fairly short so that the group typically didn’t get through the crossings together;  we had quite a number of waiting periods. After a short uphill ride on Haverstock Hill we arrived at the Isokon Building. We spent about 30 minutes at the volunteer run gallery (https://isokongallery.org/) to get a first impression about the fascinating background to this very modern building.  It had been opened in 1934 and completely overhauled in 2004.  We saw some of the interior designs and learnt about some of its (in-)famous residents. This season the gallery also showcases some exhibits about the experiences Agatha Christie had when living in one of the flats. Several riders have made plans to come back with a bit more time to study the exhibition in more detail. The way back took us past the Outer Circle of Regents Park, on the Cycleway 27 (formerly Quietway 2) through Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury down to Victoria Embankment. A group of cyclists left at Blackfriars Bridge for their way home, and a smaller group made the way back to London Bridge.  Many thanks to Mike for acting as back marker.

The route can be found here:  https://www.komoot.de/tour/802006144?share_token=aejp4Ync94HI9oEUn5Osmkwp060JGpPxXytoswL2N8LU0xTL50&ref=wtd

Dulwich to South Norwood Country Park

6 riders including ride leader Bruce set off from Dulwich Park in sunny weather. Collected another 4 at The Round cafe in Peckham Rye Park.  Had reached Brockley Way, not long after leaving Peckham Rye Park, when we received a phone call from 2 riders who had arrived at slightly late. David agreed to lead to Catford Bridge Station and Bruce returned to collect the 2 latecomers.  This worked out well and a group of 12 riders continued along the attractive Waterlink Way off road route (Sustrans National route 21) only slightly delayed.

First stop at the Mansion in Beckenham Place Park, looking a lot smarter these days than when it was first visited on a ride several years ago. Exited the park via the very bumpy driveway to Beckenham Gate where we had the usual problem crossing the very busy 5-way junction. On every ride when we go this way I wonder that there are not crossings on this junction, one of the main approaches to the park and used by many families on their way to and from the park.  A question for Bromley Council.  Short ride to Cator Park and then through Kent House Station and on to our target for the day, South Norwood Country Park.

Looked at the lake then did a clockwise circuit of the park. At one point took a narrow path where we cycled between chest high grass for several 100 metres. The vegetation brushed the handlebars. It felt a bit like sailing through a flowery meadow! Spotted one of the little green trams at the south end of the park then passed the busy playground where the refreshments building is still not in use (much to the regret of some riders who were ready by now for a coffee break).

Exited South Norwood CP on to busy Elmers End Rd. Managed the right turn after Birkbeck Station without difficulty and continued through back streets to Crystal Palace Park.  Many signs and security staff around due to the Wireless Festival. This had closed off much of the park although fortunately not the newish Brown and Green LIFE Café by the lake where we had a much-appreciated break. Decided in view of the time to skip the dinosaurs and restarted straight up the east side of the park. This route was outside the festival area so we were not much inconvenienced, unlike local residents who on the previous day had complained to the authorities that their houses were literally shaking!

Always an enjoyable ride back down College Rd, past the Toll Gate and into Dulwich Park which we reached pretty much on time around 1pm. Most of the group continued to Peckham Rye and then  dispersed as we cycled north across the borough.  The sun had stayed out most of the time and we had covered about 16 miles. Everyone looked much heathier!

Thanks to David for doing an unexpected bit of leading plus taking the back marker role for the outward leg and to Nicholas for performing this role for the rest of the ride. Route map at https://bit.ly/2IWt2NC .

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