Canada Water to Battersea Park

Report by Ride Leader Bruce

Lovely weather as we gathered in Deal Porter Square. No registration for this ride, not much publicity and no advance route – much like pre-pandemic. So was wondering how many would turn up. I need not have worried, 16 cyclists joined me and we headed to the river and started to follow it west.

At Cherry Garden Pier we came across the work to make a new mosaic. Did not stop long, but could see there were going to be a lot of fish. Continued on Cycleway 14 to Dockhead where we briefly joined Cycleway 4 before crossing Tower Bridge. At the north end of the bridge approach we stopped to have a look at the Superbloom flowers in the moat of the Tower. Were able to leave the bikes, under supervision, in the small park on the corner. This area is normally closed (never understood why) but is at present open. Next a 4.5km run along Cycleway 3 to Westminster Bridge, and a further 3km on Millbank, then Superhighway 8 to Chelsea Bridge. Over Chelsea Bridge and in to Battersea Park for a well earned break at the Coffee Hut on Carriage Drive North.

Return started with a ride past the Power Station, using the newly opened road round the east side. Continued following the river as closely as possible through Vauxhall and across the difficult roundabout at Lambeth Bridge. As we approached this had to manoeuvre around a partially burnt out car. Then on to the South Bank (Upper Ground) and to Cycleway 6 at Blackfriars Bridge. Moved away from the river to Cycleway 14 and continued along this to Dockhead where we switched to Cycleway 4 and followed this to Lower Rd. Turned into Surrey Docks Road where we could hear loud music from the Rotherhithe Festival going on in King Georges Park. Back at Deal Porter Square just before 1pm. A bit different from our themed rides where we make lots of stops. Instead long sections of steady cycling. We covered about 14 miles and I am sure were all feeling the benefits. Big thankyou to our series of back markers, David, Jane and Mike.

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