Healthy Ride Jan 1st 2022

First ride of 2022 was on New Years Day itself. Record-breaking temperatures (16 degrees). We had a great turnout, 30+, for Jean and John’s ride.

Here is Jean’s report:

A lovely bright New Years Day 14 degrees and sunshine awaited the keen group who showed up at Peckham Square for the first ride of 2022. Such was the enthusiasm to start the New Year on wheels that Bruce kindly arranged to lead a second Group so that we could cater for over 30. In the event – even with the usual no-shows – we were 31 in total.
David kindly shared with us the latest information on the new part of the Highway Code – giving overtaking – or undertaking – cyclists going straight on a right of way over drivers turning into junctions, (actually the updated Highway Code will come into effect on 29 January 2022, but there’s no official plan to communicate the changes until they actually come into force!!) Accordingly David warned us that we couldn’t be relying on drivers to be aware ! (See here for more info)
The route was very quiet even on the main roads and the Waterlink Way along the Ravensbourne and Pool rivers was a relaxing off-road pathway as usual. It took about an hour to reach Beckenham Place Park which was at its busiest – with huge numbers out for their New Years Day walk and most of them in the queue for coffee at the stables cafe! The ride group seemed happy to queue for some 20mins or sit in the sunshine and so there was no way we could get going again within the planned half hour. We returned in an early group and one 10 minutes later and Group 2 got back to Peckham only about 20 minutes beyond schedule. 
 The only hiccup, was one of our more experienced cyclists having a puncture just as we left the park. While our normal policy is to wait & help anyone who gets stuck – he insisted we continue. Luckily it wasn’t too far from Halfords in Catford after he actually got a second puncture due to glass in the tyre. ( maybe due to NewYear celebrations – it seemed like more than average glass on the route today) 
A great start to the new year and let’s hope for many more healthy, social rides in the coming year.

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