May 22nd 2021

10 riders plus Philippa (Leader) and Bruce (Assisting) gathered at Canda Water on a grey, cool mornng. Here is Philippa’s report, can also be found with more photos on the Facebook Group.

An overcast and not very warm day but we managed an enjoyable ride! Tower Bridge was our first bridge and we found it opened up to allow a Thames barge to get through. We made the most of being able to make our way to the front and take some photos. Then off down Cycleway 3 peeling off to see St Dunstan’s in the East – a Sir Christopher Wren Church bombed in the war. The steeple still stands but the main part of the church is preserved as a garden. We had a ride past the Monument then on to Southwark Bridge and then to the Tate. Here we crossed Millenium Bridge by foot to St Paul’s Cathedral. Then on to our 4th Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge. We returned via Cycleways 1 and 14 to Southwark Park and Canada Water.

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