Edited report from Ride Leader Jamie

Jamie led off 15 riders on what they have subsequently labelled the “Swiss (Alpine) Ride” as it involved cycling up and down rather a lot of impressive hills. The outward leg was from Peckham Rye to the top of Blackheath and then climbing further up to the summit of Shooters Hill before a much welcome left turn and descent down to the Royal Artillery Barracks and further on down to the stunning renovation of the now fabulous Woolwich Arsenal where we stopped for a coffee break. The return leg to Greenwich was along the southern bank of the Thames which despite the pleasant weather was pleasingly quiet. One realization that I would share is that it has been so long since I’ve led bigger groups like ours today that I had quite forgotten how much slower well attended rides can be. Amanda had the short straw of being back marker for the entire ride without any other assistance.  Through her efforts and some pauses to let people catch up, we managed to keep the ride together.
Well, Jamie’s rides are rarely uneventful.  Today we had a puncture whilst crossing the A2. A can of spray tyre repair goo was kindly offered to the victim by one of our riders which was shaken then injected via the tyre valve into the lifeless tyre fixing it pronto so that within 4 minutes we were all on our way.  Finally back at Peckham Library somewhat later than planned.  

Half way coffee break

Jamie demonstrating the 4 minute puncture fix.

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