Caanada Water to Peckham, Rye Lane Healthy Ride, May 15th 2021

Just 6 riders on a 2 hour loop from Canada Water. Crossed Southwark Park and had a look at the railway arches adjacent to the old Peak Frean biscuit factory. One arch planned to be re-opened when the site gets re-developed. By tortuous route up to Peckham Square and Rye Lane, then short way east to Kirkwood Nature Reserve entrance to look at the small changes related to the Peckham Coal Line. Back via Bidgehouse Meadows (once the New Cross Greyhound and Speedway Track) and on to the Thames at Deptford. Imagined the no longer promised bridge to Canary wharf, then back via Russia Woodland and the Albion Channel to Canada Water. Despite the wet forecast, stayed dry throughout. Route at