Peckham to the South Bank

Report by Bruce

Unexpectedly cold foggy start, but this lifted over the first few miles and we had it sunny and mild for most of the ride.   Simon, leading for the first time, took the 10 riders at a steady pace down the Canal Path and through to Cycleway 10 (was Q1).  Always a surprise that there are some local riders who do not know this excellent route. At Blackfriars turned north on Cycleway 6, then took a left along Upper Ground.  Not too busy, so could switch to the riverside path, weaving carefully through the pedestrians. Stopped for the customary photos with the London Eye as backdrop.  Headed back by initially riding on to Westminster Bridge then using the complicated, but safe, cycle lanes round the Park Plaza Hotel and into Lower Marsh. This is an interesting street with market stalls out. Fortunately not crowded so had an easy ride through. Next re-joined CW10 at the Old Vic and followed it back to Blackfriars Rd where we turned on to Cycleway 6 heading south. Used the SW bypass route – again bit slow and complicated, but safe.  Through the edge of the new buildings south of the Elephant that are transforming this area, then south along Cycleway 17 past busy East St Market to Burgess Park.  Lots of people out in the sunshine as we proceeded up the Canal Path to Peckham Square.  Back a few minutes early after a very enjoyable ride.  Many thanks to Simon for leading – first ride doing this went smoothly. Note, rides are not always that incident-free!  Route at

London Bridge to Kensington Palace

Report put together by Bruce.

New route designed by Jamie, who led on the day. First his comments:

“It wasn’t looking great at 9.00am, then suddenly like the parting of the Red Sea the gloom morphed into bright autumn sunshine illuminating London’s architecture spectacularly. We set sail at 10.05 on our fairly steadily paced ride to Kensington Palace. We were incident free thanks to the diligent and dedicated back marking of Simon as well as the excellent marshalling by Jean. We were filmed cycling alongside the very peaceful Royal re-Wilding protest in front of Buckingham Palace just before D Squadron of the Blues and Royals Household Cavalry rode by right on time.”

How did the riders find it?  Here is part of a messages received from Veronica, riding with us for the first time: “I had a fantastic time even though I found it daunting cycling around Central London. The group were very welcoming and I was looked after by Jamie and Simon. I’m looking forward to future rides.”

Photos by Eduardo, Larry and Jean.

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