Dulwich to Vauxhall and Peckham to Victoria Park

Dulwich to Vauxhall

Report by Bruce who also led the ride.

Severn riders set off from Dulwich Park on a dry October morning with a distinctly autumnal feel. Uneventful ride through Brockwell Park and down Effra Rd. Note the road name – outward route pretty much follows the Effra to the Thames. At Brixton Hill/Acre Lane junction took the back streets route to the west passing charming Trinity Gardens. Steady run down Brixton Road – not to many buses to contend with. At the Oval joined Cylceway 5 to Vauxhall Bridge where we had a stop to look at the Tiideway Works that now obscure the entrance of the Effra into the Thames. Crossed to the west side of the bridge approach and carefully rode the Thames path to where it joins Nine Elms Lane opposite the American Embassy. Crossed to the embassy and admired the way traditional defensive methods – esentially medieval motte and bailey – had clearly influenced the design. Looking away from the Embassy observed the Sky Pool running between 2 high blocks. No-one swimming – has the novelty worn off already?

Started back using the newly re-opened path under the railway to Wandsworth Road. Hoardings along the path on the Wandsworth Road side are covered in super brightly coloured designs (see photo). Path leads to the new 9 Elms Station on the Northern Line extension to Battersea Power Station. Good to see a new, huge, Sainsburys on the site of the old Sainsburys where had shopped in the past. Nice back streets (largely) route took us past the monument ot the Tradescant family of 17th century gardener/naturalists. They had an estate on this site and introduced any number of new plants to the UK inluding Virgina Creeper and the Tulip Tree (more info). Return route also crossed newish Eythorne Park where we stopped briefly at the Tangerine Tree (see 25th Sept ride report for more info). Continued our side streets meander to Milkwood Rd, then at Herne Hill Sation crossed to Half Moon Lane and Burbage Rd. Brief stop to have a look at the Velodrome, busy as ever. Back at Dulwich Park pretty much on time. Route on Google Maps at http://tinyurl.com/y7ul6r9r.

Peckham to Victoria Park

Report constructed from notes from Jean, Ride Leader

Weather was ideal wasn’t it! Set off with 15 riders including some regulars and some occasionals.  Headed towards Q1 now re named C10 ??? [Yup, BL]  Towards Tower Bridge using a back street route via Bermondsey St & Tooley St. Over the bridge and along CS3 & over the Limehouse Link.  Canal towpath was not too busy, then via Mile End park to Victoria Park. Stopped at Pavilion Cafe. Much the same route home but stopped to look at the Cable Street mural ( kindly pointed out by Jacqui, a Breeze ride leader) who took most of the great photos.

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