Greenwich to Olympic Park.  10am to 1pm

Report and photos from Ride Leader Philippa

11 of us set off from the Cutty Sark on a warm and sunny day. We headed off down the alternative inland Thames path route to avoid the narrow sections around Greenwich rejoining at the driving range. We then went round to the Emirates Airline terminal to use the airline across to the Royal Docks. 

I gave a little intro to the new City Hall currently being refurbished to take the place of the purpose built building by Tower Bridge as it is right next to the docking point [Note from Bruce: Philippa works at City Hall].

Then on down the road to Canning Town Station and across the roundabout under the A13 to Malmesbury Road Park then through quiet backstreets to the Memorial Recreation Ground. We accessed the Greenway from the park and then followed it to the Olympic Park. Photo taken at the Orbit Tower then a spin round the park to pass by the Aquatic Centre, the Velodrome, through to the canalside with its buzzing cafes and back past the Copper Box and down to West Ham’s stadium, the former Olympic athletics stadium. We then exited to the View Tube Cafe to enjoy our cafe stop. Very nice setting and not very busy today so we had plenty of choice on where to sit.

A bit later than anticipated we headed back on our return route via the Leaside South down to Cody Dock then through South Quay and Millwall Docks to Mudchute. Most went our separate ways there with just Joyce and me returning to the Cutty Sark. 

Check out ride data on Philippa’s Strava:

Burgess Park-Bloomsbury Loop.  10am to 1pm

10 riders. Notes from Ride Leader Jane.

Lantana Elephants in Green Park

·  Did a circuit of Temple – only 1 way in/out at weekends now & the porter lifted the barrier for us. Gardens gorgeous (open weekdays 12.30 – 3.00), chapel & Master’s House lovely – we had the place to ourselves.

·  Bloomsbury & Marylebone straightforward – newish cycle lane on Tottenham Court Road (Torrington Place to Howland St) open after many months makes it an easy left turn now.

·  Large police presence on arrival at Hyde Park plus many anti-Vaxxer/lockdown protesters gathering so we went round the carriageway westwards as it was quieter.

·  On passing this year’s Serpentine Pavilion, Jean led a splinter group to take a closer look while the rest of us waited at the tennis/bowls club (loos & coffee). We’d intended to continue once the pavilion people re-joined us, but they wanted the loo & coffee as well (I ask you!) so we had an extended stop.

·  We also took a closer look at the ever-moving herd of Lantana elephants in Green Park (see picture) which highlights the plight of Indian elephant herds forced to travel ever-wider in search of grazing grasslands to avoid the invasive lantana (planted by foolish humans & inedible/toxic to wildlife)

·  2 people peeled off at Black Prince Rd and the remaining 8 returned to Burgess Park – everyone said they’d enjoyed it.

·  Many thanks to Jean & John for back marker duties and getting us across multiple central London traffic lights smoothly

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