Cutty Sark to Lesnes Abbey. Report by ride Leader Amanda

Weather was perfect for a cycle, warm and sunny.  Had we not been cycling alongside the Thames, it may have been a hot day for some.

The aim of this ride was to do a simple there and back along the same route, to show the different perspectives. Old father Thames certainly appears to have a wider girth on the return journey.

We left Cutty Sark at 9.40 heading along the Thames Path, passing the O2, Thames Barrier and Woolwich Arsenal Heritage Site, with all the new and old structures that make this whole section of the path so enjoyable.  Great wide spacing on much of this route allowing us to spread across and chat.

We turned off to enter Gallions Park and rode alongside the lush and beautifully maintained Lake St Nicholas towards Thamesmead Tor. Many riders were amazed at riding round and round a hill (that from roadside looked impossible) but the hill’s gradient made it as if it was minor effort.  I nice rest at the top (and a clap for David) to take pictures of the view, before the whizz down and single road route to the Plumstead Ridgeway.

The Ridgeway was another great find for some as we were flying along on top of a sewer pipe above house level.  A couple of bike barriers were difficult to get through with wider handlebars but we all managed.  (Barriers aimed to deter illegal motorbike users.)

Exit at South Mere lake with a steady climb through the park to Abbey Wood’s Lesnes Abbey, where the gardens were spectacular. Lots was going on, lots of visitors and a welcome coffee break for most.

We returned pretty much along the same route, albeit taking the shortcut over the A102, cutting out Greenwich North Peninsula.

All back safe and sound, no incidents.  (Jinx Jamie Thanks for that). Everyone said they enjoyed it. This was a continuous ride with no stops for traffic lights and by the last stretch there were some tired legs. We slowed the pace to ensure everybody was together getting back only slightly late at 1.20

Dulwich to Wimbledon Park.

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