Leisurely ride with Bruce leading to catch the last of the 2021 blossom. 14 riders set out from Peckham Square and headed up to Peckham Rye Park. First stop to admire the line of Horse Chestnut trees up Peckham Rye East Side. These were just coming into bloom, the candles beginning to be prominent amongst the leaves.

Then into the more formal part of the park to visit some pink triple cherries still in full bloom.

Meandered through this bit of the park spotting some apple tree saplings and a mystery tree with white, blooms that subsequent research has shown is probably a Bird Cherry.

Headed next back down the Hill to our starting point and on along the Canal Path.  Had a look at some bright red blossom on 2 small trees. These are probably a variety of cherry. 

At the bottom of the Canal path next to Gengall Wharf is a neat small apple tree in full blossom. Look closely at the imge and you will see a bee – they love apple blossom, and of course perform the essential task of pollination.

On the bank by the apple were a nice group of Hawthorn trees with their blossom (“May”) very bright.  For me these two, the apple blossom and the May are reliable markers of spring.

We turned left and headed into Burgess Park. The blossom had finished on the long avenue of cherries running from the Trafalgar Ave entrance.  However there were a group of white cherries still in full bloom next to Chumleigh Gardens.

Next down Cycleway 17 past East Street Market and through to Cycleway 1 and Pages Walk and on to Neckinger. Here we admired two very large cherries on the street. Just past their best, but still impressive.

Finally into Bermondsey Spa Gardens where 2 pink cherries had spread their petals over the ground to make a pink carpet.

Chopped out 2 sections of the route to save time (see map) but still a fun ride.  Route on Google Maps:  https://tinyurl.com/c83ujvv8  

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