Rides report for August 7th 2021. By Bruce Lynn

Plan was to do 2 rides, 9.30 – 1pm Peckham to Shooters Hill and 10am – 12 Canada Water to St James Park.  In the end just 8 of us on the Canada Water ride to….London Bridge.

What happened?  It rained – and did it rain, LOTS.  At 9.30 at Peckham the 5 hardy riders cowered under the Library overhang and decided Shooters Hill was off.  There was a pause in the downpour, so headed to Canada Water to join the shorter St James Ride.  Found another 5 damp souls sheltering in Deal Porter Square. Rain eased so we headed off along Cycleway 4.  Approaching London Bridge the heavens opened and we took cover under the footbridge at the bottom of Duke St Hill.  The hill rapidly became a river.  Heavy rain and massive puddles.   Your intrepid leader, who proudly never pulls out because of weather, decided enough was enough. Several riders headed for a dry train to get most of the way home.  Credit to Mike, raised in west Ireland, who was for continuing, declaring “You do not know what real rain is”!!!!

This is the first time I have stopped a ride (except for ice).  Very rare to get that level of rainfall.  Later the weather did clear a bit, but would have been a miserable ride.  Sanity prevailed.  Will be ready for (nearly) anything next Saturday.

Route of Shooters Hill ride for anyone interested in trying it, https://bit.ly/2Fv5z5Z

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