Report on ride January 25th 2020

19 riders in Peckham Square for the start of the first Peckham ride of 2020. Weather dry and cool – but not bad for January. In David’s continuing absence, Simon took the rear for most of the ride – many thanks to him.  From the start, headed down to Cycleway 1 and followed this all the way to Blackfriars Rd.  I insisted on doing a 2 stage right on to Cycleway 6, but this was completely unnecessary as Blackfriars Rd was closed to motor traffic!  This followed the water main “explosion” earlier in the week that had caused travel and bathing problems in that part of London.

Up Blackfriars Rd to Upper Ground and on to the South Bank at Bernie Spain Gardens.  Pedestrian traffic was light so we were able to cycle carefully past the National Theatre and the Festival Hall to Jubilee Gardens.  Exited to Belvedere Rd there, passed the London Eye and rode along to Westminster Bridge.  Used the new(ish) cycle lanes around the old roundabout and the cycle crossing phase (rather short) to Waterloo Rd. Then left into Lower Marsh and along to the Old Vic where we joined Cycleway 1 again, and again went to Blackfriars Rd where we turned south on Cycleway 6 towards the Elephant and Castle.  Just before the Elephant turned on to the western bypass. From Heygate St turned right on to Sayer St which links these days to Wansey St.  The new buildings of the Elephant Park development are taking shape.  Amusingly, along Wansey street where the terrace of Victorian houses survives on the south side, a matching terrace of bay-windowed houses has been built on the north side! 

Continued on Cycleway 16 to Burgess Park.  We had time to do a loop to Addington Square and stop and watch the BMX riders before heading back up the Canal Path to Peckham Square.  Route at