Healthy Ride Report, Feb 8th 2020

Mild, overcast but dry as we gathered in Deal Porter Square for the Healthy Ride along the Thames eastwards. Counted 17 riders at the start. Two had problems and retired to Decathlon to get them fixed, but several joined us late. In the end 24 cyclists took part with a max of 22 on the road at any one time. Rather a fluid ride as people peeled off to head home over much of the return leg. But everyone told someone what they were doing so no-one disappered without trace!

Took a route fairly familiar to regular riders, starting across Russia Woodland to Greenland Passage where we had our first sight of the river. Then followed the Thames Path along the Deptford riverside andpast Cutty Sark and the O2. After passing the O2 there are more large blocks of flats are being built all the time and route finding is becoming more tricky as there are few really memorable landmarks. Well this is my excuse for getting slightly lost and ending up at the wrong crossing point of Bugsby’s Way as we started the to head back. Nevertheless soon reached the blue bridge over the Blackwall Tunnel Approach road and returned to the river near Enderby Wharf. Followed the outward path via Cutty Sark to the Deptford Creek swing bridge. Stayed inland a bit on the approach to the Creek as usual path is narrow due to scaffolding. After crossing Deptford Creek turned away from the river and joined Cycleway 1 at Bronze St. Followed CW1 through Deptford to Blackhorse Rd. Carefully crossed A200 (really need a controlled crossing on this stretch of road) and joined the Surrey Canal Linear Park . Finally the short quiet (except for pedestrians) run past Greenland Dock and Tesco to Deal Porter Square.

Back a few minutes late, but everyone looked more healthy. Very nice route if you are looking to stay largely off-road and see lots of interesting stuff. Route map at GPX file with the old events notice at

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