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9 riders at the Southwark Needle on the south side of London Bridge. Good to see this many as it was bitterly cold after earlier fog. In addition there had been a major terrorist incident on the north side of the bridge just 19 hours before.

Set off for Southwark Bridge as London Bridge was still closed after Friday’s tragic events. Crossed the bridge and joined Cycleway 3 west to Blackfriars, then Cycleway 6 north. Approaching Ludgate Circus were joined by Jane who had correctly guessed our likely arrival time. Continued up Cycleway 6 to Judd St where we continued west along the lightly segregated Tavistock Place route to Gower St. Here we had to walk a longish stretch of pavememt due to resurfacing work. Headed north on busy Tottenham Court Rd (now 2-way), turned left along Robert St to Chester gate and entered Regents Park along Chester Rd. Turned off Chester Rd on to the Broad Walk and stopped at the Broad Walk Cafe where most of us headed inside for a coffee in the warm.

After suitable refreshment continued along the Broad Walk still noticing the cold. From the north end of Regents Park cycled round to Primrose Hill. By the time we reached the summit were quite a bit warmer. Lots of people enjoying the hazy views. Descended carefully back to the road and took a route along Gloucester Avenue, then back down Oval road on the other side of the main line out of Euston. Soon arrived in the midst of the throng of shoppers on Camden High St close to Camden Lock. Not needing any new threads, pressed on to Royal College St and joined the Regents Canal towpath at Baynes St. Needed to take care as surface was slippery in places and there were a lot of walkers.

Arriving safely at the new Kings Cross development took a small diversion to renew acquaintance with Gasholder Park (see Video on YouTube from 2018 ride). Some of us cycled through the fountains in Granary Square then exited via the covered route to Handyside Street. Continued on Copenhagen Street east to Barnsbury, then turned south, mostly LCN7 (C20) for 2km to Clerkenwell. Brief stop at St James chuch and a circuit of Clerkenwell Green before rejoining Cycleway 6 just north of where we had left it 2 hours previously. Usual fast run down Farringdon Road and Street under Holborn Viaduct and through to Backfriars Bridge. Did the offside left from the cyclway to Southwark St followed immediately by a left into Hopton St. The demolition of buildings on the site between Hopton St and Blackfriars Bridge approach (Sampson and Ludgate Houses) is now complete and the first core (of 9!) is going up. Developers were required to provide a cycle route across the site linking Upper Ground to Hopton St. Looks as though we may get this within the next 2 years. Unforunately it will not be great as will include a flight of 24 steps (a lift is promised). But still better than having to use Southwark St, especially gong west.

Next stop Tate Modern. Stopped briefly to look at Olafur Eliasson’s “Waterfall” comprising scaffolding and lots of water (see photo). Impressively noisy close up. Along quiet roads to Borough Market, incredibly busy despite police having asked people to stay away…. Ended the ride in the small square in Montague Close beside Southwark Cathedral. Were in good time and everyone was feeling a lot warmer than when we had set out. Route map at GPX file in the recently started Routes Index at

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