October 26th, 2019. London’s green spaces have always been valuable for cycling and this ride celebrated 5 of our local parks and London becoming the world’s first National Park City.

12 riders assembled in Peckham Square on a grey, mild day. Down the Canal Path to our first park, Burgess. Cycled the length of this, ending on the wide new path that forms part of Cycleway 17 (Quietway 7 as was). On quiet streets past Denmark Hill station to Ruskin Park.  Dog-leg around Ruskin to exit up at the south west corner. Noted a magnificent oak tree near the exit that must be more than 150 year old. On to Herne Hill station and Brockwell Park.  Had time for a vigorous climb up the hill then down to Rosendale Road. Also plenty time to call in at Herne Hill Velodrome. Track session winding down ready for the next group, small children assembling in the centre for the Bikability training and the usual group of young cyclists on the mountain bike trail. Despite the velodrome’s great history and the many activities going on there, we always have riders who have never seen it. It is now an impressive and busy facility, much enhanced from the state it was in when some of us first visited 10+ years ago.

From the velodrome rode the short distance to Dulwich Park. Stopped briefly at the location for our first Saturday rides (including the next ride) and continued via the Court Lane exit to Peckham Rye park, our fifth and last.  Down through this past the new playground where there used to be a car park. Finally met some traffic as we approached Rye Lane where there are some road works. There had been very little traffic all ride. Could there have been a big rugby semi-final on TV? Back at Peckham Square a little early with everyone watching the sky to see if the promised rain was imminent.  Route at http://goo.gl/maps/hFFNL

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