More detailed information on some of the Healthy Rides so that they can be ridden independently.

Canada Water to St James Park Ride for Oct 3rd 2020, planned to look at preparations for the London Marathon on the 4th Oct. But an interesting ride anyway.

Route. Canada Water to London Bridge, use either CW14, the Thames path route, now quite well signed. Or get on to Lower Rd and pick up the newly opened CW4. At Dockhead/ShadThames/Tower Br Rd need to use the bus lane along Tooley St, then up Duke St Hill and Rt turn on to London Bridge (be careful of left turning traffic here). Off London Bridge turn left along Cannon St, then take one of the narrow left turns down to Lower Thames St where you can turn rt and join CW3. Follow this for a good way to Horse Guards Av. Make the right turn into HG Av – from the Cycleway probably easiest to use the ped crossing. At Whitehall dismount, cross the road and walk through the arch in the building opposite, past the soldiers on horses, into Horse Guards Parade. Can cycle across the parade ground (although may be better to walk as thick gravel can make cycling tricky). Then join Horse Guards Rd and cycle round St James Park. Best to do this anticlockwise as get all left turns.  Note there will be restrictions this weekend as preparations for and running of the marathon take place. Note also that the paths in St James Park itself are NO CYCLING – very annoying – if you are forced onto them best to proceed very carefully.  After you have enjoyed several circuits (?) need to head home by cycling straight on from Birdcage Walk (following CW3 again) to Westminster Bridge. Cross this then a choice of routes back.  Most interesting is to follow the river using National Route 4. Turn off Westminster Bridge at the first left turn, through the large blocks closing this to traffic, then along the road passing the South Bank.  If you choose a quiet time, can actually use the Thames Path itself, so avoiding the detour at Blackfriars Bridge. An alternative is to use CW1. You can join this just after the National Theatre by turning rt on to Cornwall Rd, then following the signs. CW1 does not get you back to Canada Water as it runs a bit to the south, but sure you can find your way home from it.  Good map for cycle planning is the Open Street Map (, use the Cycle Layer.  Route map, Google Maps,

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