Southwark Council is consulting on the changes to Cycle Superhighway 7 between Borough Road and Southwark Bridge. We are supportive of these changes as they have improved safety for people cycling along CS7 and would like to see improvements made to the trial scheme. We also think Southwark must prioritise implementing a permanent scheme with full protection along the route and especially at junctions.

The consultation on CS7 closes on Tuesday 17 August so please respond today!

  • We support the motor vehicle restrictions on America Street, Doyle Street, Great Guildford Street and Belvedere Buildings. These greatly improve safety on the route by eliminating hook risks. We would like to see the restrictions at Great Suffolk Street, Lant Street and Sawyer Street reinstated.
  • We support the segregation using bolt down kerbs and wands. We would like to see further protection as there are still many gaps along the route. Parking in place requires people cycling to pull out of the cycle lane into the traffic lane which is unsafe and does not enable people of all ages and abilities to use the route.
  • We support the extended 24/7 bus lane hours as they make public transportation faster and more reliable. Bus lanes are not safe cycle infrastructure and protected cycle lanes should be implemented along the bus lanes with safe bypasses to enable all age and all ability cycling. We also support the removal of parking and addition of double yellows to provide safe space for cycling.
  • In particular the junction at Marshalsea Road must be improved giving people cycling on CS7 priority over motor vehicles turning left into Marshalsea. Southwark must also prioritise implementing a permanent scheme with stepped tracks and full protection, especially at junctions.

Please respond to the consultation today!