Cycling design standards

Achieving adequate cycle design standards is one of our core priorities. Transport for London (TFL) have recently published their cycle design standards and Southwark Council have published theirs. We are working to enable a resolution between the two.

Southwark Council presented their new Draft Cycling Design Standards to the group, as a done deal, on the assumption that a presentation at a meeting a few years ago was sufficient consultation with us. But cycling design standards is a complex topic with many people, including Francis B, delivering some very detailed work on this in the background.

But one of the most important aspects of these types of standards, is that The London Cycle Design Standards seem to be the best chance we have of achieving consistency, and we should understand better how these are meant to be applied, and why Boroughs should be explaining why they are not adopting.

It’s an important topic and we will be working to keep you updated regarding developments. We will also make additional standards information available along with resources related to cycling design standards.