We have written the following guide to help you respond to the Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich consultation based on our analysis of the scheme. We fully support this scheme and think it will greatly improve the area. There are ways this scheme can bring even better improvements to the area, which we outline below.

Fill out the consultation!

  1. This scheme has been developed as an area-wide approach to create a safer, healthier environment to support active travel. Do you agree with this objective?
    Strongly agree – By selecting ‘Strongly agree’ you are telling the council these types of interventions will benefit the area, which will lead to more of them. This scheme will improve on the current layout and we suggest you strongly support it while recommending ways it can go further.
  2. Generally, do you agree that the measures described will achieve the objective?
    Strongly agree
  3. The measures proposed for ‘Area B’ have been developed through previous stages of public engagement, where residents were encouraged first to identify their priorities, and then to choose from possible solutions. What do you think of the proposals for:
    Strongly agree for all 3 locations. We suggest asking for additional filters on Woodwarde Rd at Calton Ave, and on Dovercourt Rd at Townley Rd. This will prevent an East-West cut-through with the new filters in place.
  4. If we proceed with timed restrictions, what hours would you prefer these to apply?
    7-10am, 3-8pm – We suggest asking for the maximum allowable closure time to have the greatest impact on traffic reduction in the area.
  5. Please select your preferred option for each of the following:
    1. Melbourne Grove
      Permeable closure (pedestrians and cycles only) between Tell Grove and Ashbourne Grove
      Comments: Mention that a one way no entry restriction will still allow southbound rat running traffic on this portion of Melbourne Grove. This makes the street effectively one-way, increasing traffic speeds.
    2. Dulwich Village/College Road/Burbage Road junction
      Timed access restriction (northbound on Dulwich Village, northwest bound on Burbage Road)
      Comments: Ask for a 24-hour bus-gate at College Road and a permeable filter at Burbage Road to make this a full time access restriction. It should also be in both directions to prevent southbound traffic through the area.
    3. Burbage Road
      Permeable road closure (pedestrians and cycles only) south of Stradella Road
      Comments: Mention that a one way closure will still allow cut through traffic, and due to it being one way, traffic speeds will likely increase.
    4. Turney Road
      No entry northeast bound between Burbage Road and Dulwich Village
      Comments: Ask for a permeable closure here. This change will stop northbound traffic, but still allow southbound. This is part of the Quietway 7 route and filtering would greatly improve this bit.
  6. Do you regularly experience difficulty parking on your road?
  7. Would you support parking controls that complement the proposed traffic reduction measures?
    Comments: Ask for all day parking restrictions.
  8. What difficulties do you think there will be if the proposed measures are implemented?
    More can and should be done to increase cycling in this area and provide links to build a cycling network. Half Moon Lane, Village Way, and East Dulwich Grove will still force cyclists to share space with fast moving traffic. If no mitigations or only one way restrictions are put in place then Dulwich Village, Turney Road and College Road will have the same issues.
  9. Are there additional changes that we could make to mitigate these difficulties?
    This is a great opportunity to create a link from the work Lambeth is doing in Herne Hill. A protected cycle route along Half Moon Lane, Village Way, and East Dulwich Grove as shown in Southwark’s 2015 Cycling Strategy, will unlock greater active travel potential in this area. Furthermore, if partial traffic restrictions are put in place in Area B, cycling provisions should be put in place on Turney Road, Dulwich Village, and College Road.