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Quick Fix List

How can Southwark improve your cycling experience with a single change?

Every cyclists has minor inconveniences on their route – things that don’t stop you cycling, but do make riding a little more difficult. But how will Southwark Council fix them if they don’t know they exist?

If you have something that only needs a Quick Fix, let Southwark Cyclists know by emailing this address. Southwark Council have asked us to tell them where there are problems that can be fixed  quickly, cheaply and easily.

Please tell us the Infrastructure Type, Location, Area/Postcode/Coordinates, and Notes.

For example:
Drop kerbs, Fireman’s Alley, 51.44548,-0.07107, Where the community centre access crosses the pavement.


Shared use signs, Rotherhithe New Road pavement opposite the cycling access from Plough Way, 51.49185,-0.04476, Existing signs repeatedly removed by vandals, suggest either paint on the sidewalk or higher signs.

Here’s are some of the things on the current list – we hope to update this with successes in a few months!

Existing suggestions

‘Except cyclists’ sign missing From NE at Swan Mead – Webb St
‘Except cyclists’ sign missing Melford Road contraflow, at Lordship lane exit.
Access Cycle access to cycle hub at Peckham Rye Station
Add ASL, or move bus stop line. Southern end of Rye Lane
Bike zebra and shared space Northern end of shared footway between College Road and the Dulwich Park gate
Bollards to replace barriers Alscot Way
Chicane removed and replaced by bollards Fireman’s Alley (top and bottom)
Clearer marking on the bike path Rye Lane
Contraflow Mill Street and Jacobs Island one-way
Contraflow Bear Lane
Contraflow Pages Walk
Contraflow Friary Road
Contraflow All roads off Rye Lane
Contraflow Lynton Road, to the school
Contraflow Druid Street (TfL road)
Contraflow Marcia Rd to avoid Old Kent Road
Contraflow Bermondsey Wall West
Contraflow Frean St
Contraflow Choumert Road and/or Blenheim Grove
Contraflow Kimpton Road
Contraflow Larcom Street
Contraflow Frean St
Cycle bypass Cobblestones at the Old College Gate
Cycle Parking Rye Lane
Directional signs for LCN+ Oldfield Grove towards Millwall, Bridge House Meadows and Peckham
Double Yellow lines Mouth to bike/pedestrian alley between Stephenson Crescent, and Lynton Road
Drop kerb Top end of Fireman’s Alley
Drop Kerb Scylla Road
Drop kerb Rolls Road west of Rowcross, to access path into Oxleys Crescent
Drop Kerb Peckham Park Road/Friary Road
Drop kerb Clifton Crescent into Brimmington Park
Drop kerb Burgess Park south from Portland Street which joins up to New Church Road at the south end
Drop Kerb On pavement next to garages going between Falmouth Road and Spurgeon Street (next to community garden)
Drop kerb Between St Francis Road and shared space path at its western end
Drop kerb Abbotswood Road exit to path between Abbotswood Road and St Francis Road
Drop Kerb & bollards Janeway Street / Wilson Grove to replace high kerb and barrier
Drop kerbs Fireman’s Alley
Drop Kerbs Chambers Street Passage
Drop Kerbs Drop Kerbs at either end of Cranbourne Passage
Dropped kerb Storey’s Road to Grove lane
Dropped kerbs Improve permeability of estate between Rotherhithe LO & Elephant Lane
Finish/clarify signage/road markings Bike-zebra at Paxton Roundabout
Improvement of dropped kerb Where the “link road” turns into an actual footpath. Abbotswood Road
Keep Clear signs Waterloo Road, across junction with Morley Street
Minor signage/ permission change From Rye Lane to Blenheim Grove
On-road painted symbols Linden Grove
Permeability – remove wall Bell Meadow
Permeability/ Dropped Kerb Grummant Road to Peckham road
Permeability/ Dropped Kerb Dagamar Road to Peckham Road
Reflective material added to existing bollards Chandler Way to Commercial Way
Refresh paint Cycle contraflow on Neckinger
Removal of the “caution bicycles” triangle Link path between Abbotswood Road and Green Dale
Remove barriers Leading onto Oxley Close
Remove hump Acanthus Drive
Replace barriers Replace barriers around Elephant Lane / Kings Stairs Gardens with bollards
Replace barriers with bollard Elephant Lane / River Path
Replace barriers with bollard Fulford Street / River Path
Replacement of chicane barriers with bollards Link path between Abbotswood Road and Green Dale
Shared use signs Rotherhithe New Road pavement opposite the cycling access from Plough Way
Signs emphasising shared space Roper Lane
Trixy Mirrors Car park behind Choumert Road
Wayfinding painted bicycles On Abbotswood Road between the shared-space path and the “link road” to the Green Dale?