Every cyclists has minor inconveniences on their route – things that don’t stop you cycling, but do make riding a little more difficult. But how will Southwark Council fix them if they don’t know they exist?

Update – Southwark have created a site for logging quick fixes

Our old advice – if the Southwark Council site stops working

If you have something that only needs a Quick Fix, let Southwark Cyclists know by filling in our Quick Fix form. Southwark Council have asked us to tell them where there are problems that can be fixed  quickly, cheaply and easily.

Please tell us the Infrastructure Type, Location and Notes about what the problem is.

For example:
Drop kerbs, Fireman’s Alley, 51.44548,-0.07107, Where the community centre access crosses the pavement.


Shared use signs, Rotherhithe New Road pavement opposite the cycling access from Plough Way, 51.49185,-0.04476, Existing signs repeatedly removed by vandals, suggest either paint on the sidewalk or higher signs.

Remember that the Quick Fix list is only for relatively small and non-controversial improvements. If you have a bigger ask or if your fix is urgent then get in contact with us and we’ll explain how to get bigger changes.