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On August 23, 2019

Do you want more cycling infrastructure in Southwark, but aren’t sure what you can do to support it?

New infrastructure projects regularly go into public consultation but they need support from residents and people who frequent the areas in order to be implemented. 

By taking a few minutes and supporting these schemes, you’re telling Southwark Council you want more bike lanes in our area.

Take Action Now

There are two schemes under consultation right now. The first is the Lower Road portion of Cycleway 4.

Last year the first part of CW4 (previously Cycle Superhighway) was approved, with construction having started recently. This included the portion of Tooley Road near Tower Bridge to the roundabout at Southwark Park, and Deptford Park to Deptford Creek. See the map here.

The gap between Southwark Park and Deptford Park on Lower Road is currently under consultation and needs your support to be built. 

This is a very good scheme and once complete will provide a protected cycleway from Tower Bridge all the way to Greenwich.

When filling out the consultation please strongly support all the sections of the scheme. If you’d like to add comments, we’ve put together this consultation response guide to help you.

Tell Southwark Council you support the Lower Road portion of CW4!

The second consultation is also part of the Rotherhithe Movement Plan. The Rotherhithe Cycleway will connect Cycleway 4 to Quietway 14 and to the upcoming Rotherhithe ferry.

Stay tuned for a response guide for this scheme. Southwark Cyclists will be handing out flyers to cyclists in the area to build support for the Rotherhithe Cycleway in the coming weeks. If you’d like to help, email

Support the Rotherhithe Cycleway!

By taking a few minutes out of your day to support these consultations you are helping make London better for everyone.

Upcoming Consultations

TfL has awarded funding for 11 liveable neighbourhoods across London. The Bonamy and Bramcote Liveable Neighbourhood near South Bermondsey is one of these. The first consultation asking for general feedback is up, and there will be more as the project progresses.

Consultation Followup

Earlier this year, residents pushed for their street to be safer. The proposed changes would make Morely Street near Waterloo one way for two separate portions to reduce rat running.

The plans had no provision for a contraflow cycle lane. After campaigning from Southwark Cyclists, the plans were ammended so now cyclist will be able to cycle either way down the street.

We need your support for more victories in the future.

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