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Sean Howes
On September 2, 2019

Support the Rotherhite to Peckham Cycleway Phase 1 a key route that will enable more people to cycle.

Please fill in the consultation showing your support here:

You only need to fill in 3 sections:

  • Your experience of using the street
  • Have your say on the proposals – Here please select “Strongly Support”
  • About You

Think of this as “Yes, and” instead of “no but”. For example say “Yes we want this wonderful protected lane section and we want you to ensure that there is a link to street X”. Do not say “No but if you add route to street X I would support this”. If you do the former it will be taken as support for the proposal. We will be able, once this is built, to fight to get the link if they do not add it. If you do the no but you may be counted as opposing the route and this will mean it will be less likely to be built. 

If you want to provide more detailed feedback please read on. We have recommendations on what to suggest for some of the other sections.

The sections run from 14 to 22. We think sections 14-16 and sections 20 and 21 all just need your support. For the other sections we make the following suggestions.

Section 17 

We suggest you ask for a parallel crossing (a zebra for people on bike and foot) at the location of the moved bus stop to link into Sustrans National Cycle Route 425.

Section 18

Suggest the Speed Camera is not removed and suggest this might be a good location to plant a few new trees on the North West side.

Section 19

We suggest asking for the junction to be squared up and junction mouth to be narrowed for motor traffic. This will help reduce traffic speeds and make the crossing safer.

Section 22 

We suggest asking for a bus gate or other filtering on Rotherheite Street. Our suggested location for this would be just north of Acorn Walk.

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