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Make your school’s street a play street for London car free day
Elizabeth Eden
On July 4, 2019

September 22nd is London car free day.

Last year, Southwark closed 1 street. This year, we think they can do more. Why not one play street for every school in Southwark?

Close the school road to motor traffic and turn it into a playground for the day. And if when people like it, Southwark Council can speed up their rollout of ‘School Streets’ – closing the road to motor traffic when children are travelling to and from school.

Do you teach in Southwark? Or do your children / grandchildren go to school in Southwark? Or do you live next to a school?

Or do you know anyone who does?

Then get in touch at by the end of July 30th for how to apply for a road closure, and suggestions on what you and your neighbours could do with a suddenly empty place to play in – if you don’t have 101 ideas already!

(You can also ask your local councillors for school streets using this link:

No links to a school whatsoever? Here’s where you can apply for a road closure if you organise your own street party:

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