During the Coronovirus pandemic we will be suggesting a routes that could be ridden. Although group rides are not allowed, it is important to keep fit. Going for a short ride on your own is a good way to do this. Keeping, of course, a safe separation from others. We started with weekly normal length routes, “Ride for the Week”. In the light of further guidance we are shifting to offering several shorter routes in locations across the borough – “Short Rides for the Month”. What would be really great is if riders who complete part or all of a ride would post to the SCHR Facebook page to say they have done it and add some photos. If you have not already joined that FB group, then do so a.s.a.p!

Will now be able to choose when you ride, so can pick the sunny moments. Also can start the ride anywhere on the loop, not necessarily at the indicated start location.

Short Rides for the Month, April (and the remaining part of March)

Ride for week March 22nd – 28th.

If do not fancy the one of the “Rides of the Month”, all the routes of previous rides are available on the web in the ride reports. These reports also usually include some information about points of interest. Recent ride reports are on this site, links here. Older reports are on the Healthyrider Weebly site links here. Parts of these routes would often make a nice short solo ride.

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