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False claims that Cycleway 4 construction will remove bus lanes from Jamaica Rd. Scotch them now.

Here are the facts about the effect of Cycleway 4 on bus lanes on Jamaica Rd

During the Healthy Ride on July 13th I was amazed to be told by 2 riders that Cycleway 4 (ex CS4) was going to “use” the bus lanes, and that no bus lanes would be left after its construction.  Both riders live in Rotherhithe.

This is, of course, completely wrong.  Some sections of bus lane will be lost, but other bits are being added. Overall bus lane length after construction will be 90% of its current level.  The amount of eastbound bus lane will actually increase by 12%.  The losses are all on the less congested westbound carriageway.  Westbound there will be a loss of 32%.

Most of the space for Cycleway 4 derives from the removal of the central reservation.  Then a bit is shaved off the traffic lanes.  But for sure there will be bus lanes on most of Jamaica Rd.  There will also be a new light-controlled “bus gate” to give eastbound buses priority as they approach the Rotherhithe Tunnel roundabout.

It was not clear where the misinformation came from.  But the timing is interesting as we are about to consult on the next part of Cycleway 4, the Surrey Quays section.  This is just the sort of fake news that might create opposition to the plans for the roads around Surrey Quays.

A segment by segment analysis of bus lane lengths on Jamaica Rd is attached below.  If you hear anyone giving this misinformation, refer them to this post or suggest they look at the plans for themselves at

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