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Bike Taxis open for business (free)

Bike Taxis are the latest great idea from the team which brought you the Bike Train. The Bike Train has fans (lots of them) but we recognise it can’t be perfect for everyone. That’s why we are introducing Bike Taxis. These will be customised rides designed for individuals.

So they can run on any day of the week not just Wednesdays and go anywhere (within reason please). For some people the Bike Train just doesn’t work. They don’t work on Wednesdays or they don’t like Blackfriars Bridge. If I’m describing you just get in touch and we will discuss Bike Taxis in greater depth.

Unlike black cabs the Bike Taxis are completely free and non-polluting. They don’t hate cyclists and spend their time trying to run them down. It will be absolutely forbidden to lean over and shake your fist in anyone’s face. Bike Taxi staff found to be behaving like this will have to buy the drinks.

In fact Bike Taxi staff will be at all times polite, stop at zebra crossings (only required if someone is waiting to cross) and smile at red traffic lights. There was a suggestion that they be called Bike Buddies but this was felt to be too twee.

If any of that is sounding interesting then get in touch. You can mail the boss on, pester us on twitter or join our exciting discussion groups

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